Customer Choice

Michigan’s Customer Choice program allows you to choose the company that provides your electricity.

Historically, local electric companies have provided all components of electric service, including power supply and delivery. Customer Choice allows you to purchase your electricity at prices determined by you and an unregulated alternative electric supplier (AES). You also have the option to continue to buy your electricity from us at prices regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC). Either way, we continue to deliver your electricity at prices regulated by the MPSC.

Our Michigan bills separate electricity service components:

  1. Electric Supply
    • Production: Electricity generation (or purchase) at a power plant.
    • Transmission: Electricity transportation via high-voltage power lines to local distribution systems.
  2. Delivery: Electricity delivery, including meter reading and billing, to homes and businesses.

Breaking out the components allows you to compare regulated prices with market-based prices offered by an AES. If you choose an AES, electricity delivery does not change. We continue to:

  • Operate and maintain poles, wires and transformers delivering electricity.
  • Own and read your electric meter and provide customer service.
  • Respond to power outages and other electric emergencies.
  • Bill you for distribution and customer service.

Information for alternative electric suppliers in Michigan Customer Choice