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Energy for Tomorrow

Small business renewable energy program

Make a difference in your community and demonstrate your commitment to the environment by purchasing renewable energy.

Energy for Tomorrow is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) product and does not contain electricity. A REC represents the environmental benefits of 1 megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy that can be paired with electricity. For more information, see Energy for Tomorrow matches 25%, 50%, or 100% of your electricity usage for a charge of $0.00849/kWh more than the standard energy charge.

Most of the additional charge is used to purchase Renewable Energy Credits. Some is used to promote the program and to provide updates to participants.

Program description

Energy for Tomorrow renewable energy program is a tariffed rate rider offered to our electric customers. The tariff is regulated by the public service commission. All changes to these tariffs must be submitted to and approved by the applicable state laws and regulatory policies of the public service commission. Notification of changes to Energy for Tomorrow prices will follow regulations set forth by the public service commission.

Customers enrolled in Energy for Tomorrow receive a power supply cost recovery (PSCR) reduction based on participation level. Customers enrolled at 100 percent pay no PSCR; enrollment at 50 percent receives a 50 percent PSCR reduction; and enrollment at 25 percent receives a 25 percent reduction.

Energy for Tomorrow program activation takes one or two billing periods. Energy for Tomorrow charges appear on We Energies energy bills. The charge is labeled, showing participation level and total charge each billing period.

Small business customers may sign up, change participation level and withdraw from the Energy for Tomorrow renewable energy program at any time by notifying us at 800-242-9137. There is no fee to withdraw or change participation level.