artist's rendering of proposed Baraga site

Engine delivery

UMERC engines delivered by cargo ship. Ten engines called reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICE) will be delivered to a private dock in L’Anse, Michigan, by cargo ship at the end of May. The engines began their journey on the Palabora cargo ship, from Italy at the beginning of May. These units will then travel to the A.J. Mihm Generating Station in Baraga Township and the F.D. Kuester Generating Station in Negaunee Township ‒ another step in bringing the U.P. a long-term electric reliability solution.

Engines arrival at private dock in L’Anse. When the engines arrive, a crane on board the Palabora will lift each engine separately off the ship and place the engines onto a trailer at the dock. Each engine is 46 feet long and 20 feet tall and weighs 325 tons. Seven engines will be delivered to the F.D. Kuester Generating Station in Negaunee in June, and three engines will be delivered to the A.J. Mihm Generating Station in Baraga in July.

Hauling engines to generation station sites. Specialized heavy-haul trailer trucks will deliver the engines to the generating stations. A single engine will be delivered at a time. This means that 10 hauling trips will occur from L’Anse to the generation stations. The deliveries to Baraga will use a single truck and a single 100-foot long trailer with 160 tires. The deliveries to Negaunee are much larger and entail three trucks and a 192-tire, dual-trailer assembly with what amounts to a structural cradle in between. The engine rides on the cradle section.

Road haul arrangements. Many accommodations have been arranged for the transports. Utilities have been contracted to raise overhead lines where necessary. Some overhead lines can be temporarily lifted while the trailer passes underneath. Transit will occur at night, which will help to minimize traffic interferences. Road restrictions are being planned and managed by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Escort vehicles, including law enforcement, will accompany each delivery. Warning signs will be placed where road restrictions are needed.

Road route. The heavy-haul trucks transporting the engines to Baraga Township will head west on U.S. 41 and M-38 to Sarya Road. The trucks transporting the engines to Negaunee Township will head east on U.S. 41, then south on M-35, then east on Highway 492 to Eagle Mills Road.

Engines stored. After delivery at the job sites, the engines will be placed on timbers for temporary storage until the engine hall building is enclosed. At that point, the contractor will re-mobilize and move the engines the short distance to the engine hall building. This is anticipated in the fall.